Meet Judy Hernandez, Morris County Commissioner Candidate

Judy Hernandez is a 22-year resident of Parsippany that hopes to bring nearly five decades of environmental advocacy to the Board of County Commissioners.

Growing up in the Bronx, her first foray into public service came during the summer, working with local community organizers advocating for residents and youths.

The first in her family to attend college, earning an engineering degree from Manhattan College, she was motivated by the 70’s environmental movement and the threat of global warming. In the workforce, she realized how policy and progress were contingent on politics.

In 1999, Judy and her husband moved to Parsippany. She had the privilege to be home with their kids, immersing herself in Girl Scouts, school and town sports, the PTA, the Glacier Hills neighborhood association, and community projects.  Always an advocate for environmental and social issues, she knew that participating in politics was the most effective way to create positive change.

After volunteering for local candidates beginning in 2004, she joined the Parsippany Democratic Committee in 2008, where she is currently the Vice Chair.

A past member of the Parsippany Open Space Committee, she has also served on the Environmental Advisory Committee and the Planning Board. She started and co-lead the Parsippany Green Team and led the effort to institute New Jersey’s first municipal-level ban on single-use plastics. It was so successful, the state used it as a model.

Judy is running for County Commissioners because the County is not providing the regional planning and forward thinking we need.

Municipalities cannot do it all and our taxes should be working for us. Morris County is undergoing a transition of development and growth. New Jersey is preparing for major financial burdens due to climate change.

We need to control and guide our future with a vision; a vision for a secure future that will define Morris County for years to come

Judy believes that we must go forward together, holding what we value from our past with a focus on our great diversity and a look to the future. We are a county with many diverse towns and the inclusion of ALL our talents is the only way to succeed.